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Michigan International Raceway Race Advance

“Each week that we have Eckrich on the racecar, we participate in their ‘Operation Inspiration’ campaign. It is such an honor to help Eckrich thank military members and their families for everything that they have sacrificed for our freedom. I’m proud to represent them once again this weekend.”


August 11, 2014, Blog, homeslider

Watkins Glen Race Report

“Our team fought hard all day,” said Almirola. “Overall, I think we had a good car, but everyone was fighting hard for track position. We were able to avoid some of those big wrecks, and even though we received some damage and had to come down pit road when we really didn’t need to, I think we did a good job making up the ground that we lost.”


August 5, 2014, Blog, homeslider

Watkins Glen Race Advance

“I got a lot better at the Watkins Glen test last week. I’ve never been that great at road courses, but out of the two road courses we race, I’ve always run a lot better at Watkins Glen than Sonoma. Watkins Glen has more grip and is a lot more fun to drive.


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Pocono Post Race Report

“Honestly, I don’t know what happened there,” said Almirola. “I watched the replay to see. I saw smoke, and I saw one car make a hard right into the fence and I knew that they were wrecking. I just tried to aim for the middle and hope for best. I was behind Keselowski and there were cars inside of us, so I couldn’t turn left.


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Pocono Race Advance

“Pocono is a really difficult track. We struggled here in June. With the win at Daytona, we are able to take some gambles to try to make our cars better. Last weekend, we tried out a new car at Indy. It didn’t go as planned, but we do feel like we learned some things.

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