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At Richmond International Raceway in Richmond, Virginia on April 24, 2016. CIA Stock Photo
At Bristol Motor Speedway in Bristol, Tennessee on April 17, 2016. CIA Stock Photo

Talladega Race Advance Report

“Talladega is the biggest crapshoot of all. It’s a unique race track in the respect that handling doesn’t matter. Of all the tracks that we go to every year, it’s the one track where handling just doesn’t matter. It’s just about having your car trimmed out to go very, very fast. If it goes fast by itself then it will typically draft well.

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Richmond International Raceway Race Report

“That wasn’t a great day for our No. 43 Smithfield Ford,” said Almirola. “We really struggled in the beginning of the race. But, my guys worked really hard to get it handling how I needed, and we were moving in the right direction. Our Ford Fusion was great during long runs in the middle of the race, and we were consistently passing other cars.

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Richmond Race Advance

“Even though it’s fast, very fast for a short track, we approach Richmond just like we do for every other short track. Corner exits are really difficult there. Getting forward drive off the corners and being able to out-break someone going into the next corner is really important. So I think, for us, Richmond really does race like a short track. And, it’ll be interesting to see what switching from day racing to night racing will do to the action.

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Bristol Motor Speedway Race Report

“I’m disappointed with our race day today,” said Almirola. “Even with our fenders beaten and a crushed nose, we still had a fast No. 43 Smithfield Ford Fusion. I expect there to be a lot of contact when we come to Bristol; it’s the name of the game. But, it seemed like every lap we were making contact with something.

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