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Sonoma Raceway Race Advance

“I have really started to enjoy road racing over the years. In the very beginning, I didn’t like it much at all. But, I’ve really embraced it and have taken an interest in getting better at it. I feel like it has paid off. I’ve run better, and I’ve seen results. We’ve performed better as a team and have been more competitive. As I’ve run better, I’ve started to enjoy it more and more as you do anything that you work hard at.

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Michigan International Speedway Race Report

“This was definitely not the day that we were looking for,” Almirola said. “We were a little off when we unloaded on Friday, but my team worked hard on our No. 43 Smithfield Ford and we were feeling good at the end of final practice.

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Almirola and STP Throwback to 1979 at Darlington Raceway

“I’m excited to run the 1979 STP paint scheme this year at Darlington,” said Almirola. ‘We had a lot of fun with the throwback theme last year, and it should be fun to throwback again this year. It makes the race so special.

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Michigan International Speedway Race Advance

“I’m really looking forward to heading back to Michigan International Speedway. Last year, when we raced there, we had higher downforce and higher drag. That package really didn’t do what we were hoping for though. Everyone was hoping that we would run side-by-side, be able to draft more and make slingshot passes.

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